Tornaritis Law Practice Areas


Tornaritis Law Practice Areas

Banking & Finance

Tornaritis law firm, Attorneys and Consultants provide international clients a sophisticated, premier-quality work product in high-stakes international legal services.


Tornaritis Law Firm strength as litigators lies in our pursuit of one goal – to resolve our client’s dispute in the most cost effective manner with the most favourable outcome possible.

Our lawyers recognize that cost management is essential and that litigation is not the only solution to a legal dispute. We consider every possible avenue of resolution, including various forms of alternative dispute resolution, before we advise court action. In doing so we carefully weigh up and analyse the risks and costs entailed in litigious action. Where action is advised we are passionate about pursuing and defending our clients rights and able to offer practical and sensible solutions to disputes which comprise risk analysis and options.

Tornaritis Law Firm advocates are experienced litigators across a spectrum of industry and cases and are skilled in such diverse fields as property disputes, business disputes, contractual disputes, intellectual property disputes, employment disputes and personal injury claims.

Our team is able to assist businesses and individuals with the following:

1. Advice relating to alternative dispute resolution;
2. Risk analysis;
3. Document collation and preparation;
4. Obtaining interim orders;
5. Advocacy;
6. Enforcement.

We are experts in handling large and complex claims, both domestic and international, and are regularly instructed by some of Cyprus largest financial institutions in relation to their most substantial and sensate disputes. We represent clients involved in a wide range of complex national and international commercial disputes, spanning the life cycle of a dispute from investigation stage, through contentious regulatory proceedings to litigation or arbitration.

Our experience is deep and diverse and includes representing clients in full range of disputes before the Cyprus courts.

Banking Litigation

We advise on a wide range of medium to high value banking disputes. Our extensive experience in this area includes actions on behalf of banks, corporate clients and individuals. We have acted on a number of significant cases in the investment banking. We advise on disputes between financial institutions, disputes in connection with bonds and other forms of debt finance, syndicated or bilateral, trade finance disputes involving letters of credit and other documentary credits, disputes connected with factoring, discounting, securitisation and asset based lending, foreign currency and other commodity disputes, fraud and asset recovery.

Company & Commercial Litigation

We advise on a wide range of disputes which arise between commercial transactions and business relationships. Our clients include all types of corporate entities as well as large and small financial institutions and individuals.

Personal Injury

We advise in the field of injury, accident and insurance claims and disputes. We deal in all areas of personal injury and medical accidents.

Property Litigation

We advise on real estate disputes involving purchasers and vendors, landlords and tenants, construction firms, developers, management companies and financial institutions. Our expertise ranges from the litigation of basic agreements and contractual disputes to complex multi-jurisdictional measures to protect and enforce our clients’ rights.

Insolvency and Winding up Litigation

We have an exceptional track record in assisting clients in restructuring or insolvency structures or proceedings. We are recognised as specialists in the field of commercial resolution of disputes arising from corporate failures. We have great experience on winding up of a Company, especially in relation to winding up by the Court. We are working with clients who are creditors, debtors and insolvency practitioners.